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A Clean Sheet of Paper

What does the phrase “a clean sheet of paper” mean to you?  I am sure it conjures up many things to many people. If you have been on a “Walk to Emmaus” weekend (or a similar event such as Chrysalis, Kairos, … Continue reading

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The Unopened Gift

With the recent horrific events in Newtown, CT, I wrestled with whether to go ahead with the blog I had intended to write or address the tragedy.  I have decided to focus on Christmas now and deal with evil later. … Continue reading

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Coming Home for Christmas

Every year, Folger’s Coffee runs heart-tugging commercials.  The most recent is about four or five years old and replaced a similar one that ran for decades.  In each, a young man comes home to his family at Christmas and is … Continue reading

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Why does the Universe exist?

Recently, there was a flurry of excitement when a NASA scientist hinted that the Martian rover may have discovered signs of life on the red planet.  This proved not to be the case.  But it illustrates our fascination with how … Continue reading

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