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Unsung Heroes

Several years ago, I pastored a small urban neighborhood church.  Because of our location, we were regularly approached by people in need of financial and other kinds of help.  Being a smaller congregation, our resources were limited, but we did have … Continue reading

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The Influence of a Teacher

My blog last week mentioning a former teacher, Mr. Claude Dziuk, got me thinking about this unique character.  I looked up references to him and found he died in 2005 and taught English in Montevideo, MN, for forty-two years.  He … Continue reading

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Ruminating on the Mutabilities of Human Nature

When I was a high school senior, my English teacher, Mr. Claude Dziuk came across this line in Charles Dickens’ “Dombey and Son”.  It became his catchphrase when he saw someone seem to be lost in thought (or daydreaming) in class.  … Continue reading

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I Believe in Heaven

In our church, like thousands of others, we recite an affirmation of faith almost every Sunday.  That affirmation generally includes statements about God and the church and concludes with something about a life after death with God.  That coincides with … Continue reading

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A Brush with Death

I don’t know if this constitutes a “near death experience” or not, but in the summer of 1967, I came as close to dying as I ever have. This was one of my most enjoyable summers ever.  I was a lifeguard … Continue reading

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