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Renewing old relationships

During my youth, our family moved around a lot.  I attended six different schools in the course of K-12.  Because of that, I did not make many long-term friendships.  I looked upon friends as temporary:  you make them for a … Continue reading

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Being a Reflector

When my dog Churchill and I leave for our morning walk, during these winter months, it is usually still dark.  Many days we get a chance to view a glorious sunrise, although it seems less appreciated by Churchill.  My wife, … Continue reading

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Going the Extra Mile

A few weeks ago our doorbell rang.  That may not seem like much, but in our neighborhood that does not happen often.  Our community discourages random sales calls, and though it may happen occasionally, that has dramatically cut the number … Continue reading

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How Cold Was It?

He may not have originated it, but Johnny Carson, on the old Tonight Show, did a lot to popularize a routine.  It began with Johnny saying, “It was hot today.”  To which Ed McMahon would ask, “How hot was it?” … Continue reading

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What Does Your Speech Tell?

You have probably seen the test that is making the rounds that claims to tell your linguistic origins based on the terms you use and your pronunciation of certain words.  I have my doubts.  I did it and it told … Continue reading

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