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April Fool

When I worked for WNDA radio, I had several responsibilities.  My main responsibility for nine years was to do an on-air shift.  But over the years other jobs followed including being the public affairs director and music director.   As … Continue reading

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Following Blindly?

In the fall of 1962, after seven years in the state of Washington, we returned to my father’s home town of Winnebago, Minnesota. Starting high school there, I did not know many classmates.  For some reason I cannot recall, one … Continue reading

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St. Patrick

Growing up Protestant, we did not know much about St. Patrick.  All we knew was that in elementary school you were supposed to wear some green on St. Patty’s Day or you would get pinched.  But there is so much … Continue reading

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Climbing Mountains

On Transfiguration Sunday, my pastor, Rev. Dale Clem, asked how many of us had climbed mountains.  It has been a long time since I have climbed one and I have never done the kind where you use ropes and cleats … Continue reading

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