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Facing Fear

Throughout most of my life I have lived with someone else.  Growing up in a family, I had parents and siblings.  Then in college roommates.  Finally as a married person I lived with my wife.  There was one period of … Continue reading

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Danger Ahead

I was thinking about writing a reflection on the events going on in Ferguson, MO, but will wait until we all have a better perspective on things before addressing that situation. Instead, I revisit my ancient past.  In June, 1973, … Continue reading

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How Things Change

Two or three times a week on our morning walk Churchill and I pass a vacant lot a few blocks from our house.  It wasn’t a vacant lot a year ago.  Each time I pass it, I am reminded of … Continue reading

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It All Adds Up

There is a famous saying that begins “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.”  Each time the effect gets bigger until finally the kingdom was lost.   There is also a theory known as “the butterfly effect” that … Continue reading

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