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Trick or Treat?

Some of you who are younger than me may not realize it, but trick or treating is a relatively new phenomenon.  When I was a child it was not widely practiced.  In the fall of 1955, we moved from Minnesota … Continue reading

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Sandy Scalco

On our morning walks, Churchill and I see a growing number of Halloween decorations in our neighborhood.  These days, it seems as if Halloween is giving Christmas a challenge for the most holiday decorations.  It was not always so.  Several … Continue reading

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Judging by the Heart

When I was in geometry class in high school, I sat behind a girl who was one of my good friends.  In front of her was a student from a poorer family in town.  This guy was not able to … Continue reading

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Isn’t it interesting how certain aromas/odors can trigger memories of other times and places? Many times when I am cutting my grass I get a whiff of the mowed grass that immediately brings me back to a summer day in … Continue reading

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God Protects

A woman died Sunday morning on a beautiful mountain road I travel regularly.  She was in her own lane when another car crossed the center lane and crashed into her car.  The driver of the other vehicle and the passengers in … Continue reading

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