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The Unopened Gift ’14

Some of you may have seen this the last two Christmases, but just like Paul Harvey repeated his story of  “The Man and the Birds” yearly, I plan to repeat this every Christmas.  I hope you continue to enjoy it. … Continue reading

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The Memory Box

In my attic, I have a box of memories.  It is not marked that way on the box, but that is what it is nonetheless.  The box says, “Christmas decorations”. When the grandchildren were younger, I would bring down the … Continue reading

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I had another blog ready to go, and then realized that we had an interesting date this weekend.  This Saturday (or depending on when you read this, today, or last Saturday) is one of those dates that make a unique … Continue reading

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Faith and Foolishness

I have a pad on my desk with a list of ideas for my souletosoul blog.  As flashes of insight pop into my mind, I jot down a word or two to help me remember my inspiration later.   Several … Continue reading

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