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Eyes Like Jesus

Having worn glasses since I was in second grade, I often wish I had better eyesight.  Recently, while on vacation, I put my glasses beside the bed before going to sleep.  In the early morning dark, I started feeling around … Continue reading

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Homonym Horrors

I recently saw a list of ten sentences that contained two words, spelled the same, but pronounced differently.  When I went to look it up, I found a list 21 such sentences.  If you are interested look up “Reasons Why … Continue reading

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A Convenient Disease

In August, 1965, 50 years ago, I got a call from our family doctor about the physical I had just taken for football.  He wanted me to come in and provide another urine sample.  Since his office was just across … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Sunflower

You are not going to find this parable in the Bible.  Jesus never talks about sunflowers.  But several years ago I preached a sermon on “The Parable of the Crape Myrtle” and got many curious looks.  I can’t see you, … Continue reading

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