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My Country Music Summer

I have always been music oriented, or at least since the late 1950’s.  I remember my introduction to rock and roll music when I was about 10.  We lived in the suburbs of Spokane, Washington, and I went next door … Continue reading

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Risky Prayer

This week I read a quote that got me thinking about how prayer can be risky at times.  True prayer does not change God, it changes us.  Donald G. Bloesch, in The Struggle of Prayer, says this about authentic prayer, … Continue reading

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There are good surprises and there are bad surprises, and there are some that are hard to know which they are.  I think I got one of those Wednesday.  About 10:30 in the morning the door bell rang.  That is … Continue reading

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When You are an Answer to Prayer

Have you ever been an answer to someone else’s prayer?  Much of the time we focus on our needs and concerns and how God can take care of them.  But what about God using us to be the answer to … Continue reading

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