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Where There is no Vision…

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) We have all heard this verse and many newer translations insert other words for vision (the NIV uses revelation).  So we like to go back to the old familiar … Continue reading

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As many of you know, I passed another year in this world this week.  This year marks 50 years since my classmates and I graduated from high school.  Time keeps moving on and there is nothing we can do to … Continue reading

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Lilies of the Field, 2016

Sometimes it is good to revisit old friends.  This is a blog that I shared three years ago.  Its thoughts are still valid. Spring is here in North Alabama, and along with it comes a succession of blooms.  First to … Continue reading

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The Value of One Person

Recently, I heard from a woman who had been a young person when I was her pastor.  Now she is a grandmother. She shared her thankfulness for what Deborah and I had meant to her growing up.  It was nice … Continue reading

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