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Independence Day Revisited

Originally posted on souletosoul:
I was working on another idea that had nothing to do with the Fourth of July but decided to wait a week on that story.  Instead, I will focus on the holiday.  Now if this sounds…

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Going “Noseblind”

Most of you have seen the commercials.  It was hard to miss them for a long time.  An air freshener was being touted as a help for those who had gone “noseblind” to certain odors.  And while that was a … Continue reading

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Math Amnesia

During the children’s time last Sunday, the pastor prayed that the kids would have a fun summer, but not forget everything they learned the past year.  I could have used that prayer 60 years ago. The first years of school … Continue reading

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The Gift of Dishwashing

Our minister, Rev. Dale Clem, is leaving to go to a new church next week.  So in one of his last sermons, he talked about how people in our church have used their gifts to serve others.  One of the … Continue reading

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Coffee in the Desert

A young friend, who is also a new believer, recently asked, “Now that I am baptized, why am I still struggling with sin?  Shouldn’t it get easier now?” The answer is “yes” and “no”.  As believers, we have resources to … Continue reading

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