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All Things to All People?

Many years ago, I was working on an article for a media magazine called Broadcast Programming and Production. It was a secular trade magazine and I was working on an article about Christian broadcasting.  I interviewed program directors at stations … Continue reading

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Just a Little Wallpaper

Several years ago, we lived in a parsonage.  For those unfamiliar with this concept, many churches own a home for the pastor and family to live in called a parsonage.  Other names such as manse or vicarage are sometimes used. … Continue reading

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Music Comfort Zone

In many churches today there is a variety of music from classical to hard rock and everything in between.  And just by using one musical form, those who like some other form may become upset.  In some churches, I have … Continue reading

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Power Failure

A few years ago, I bought a cordless leaf blower with rechargeable battery.  Recently, the battery has been running out of charge before I finish my driveway, sidewalks and patio.  So I bought a second battery and had a back … Continue reading

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