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What are You Doing for Lent?

By the time the next souletosoul blog is posted, we will already be in the Lenten season, so I want to focus on what it all means this week.  I grew up in the Baptist tradition, as many of you … Continue reading

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If They Were Here (You Would Have Told Them)

I don’t usually preach with any one person in mind.  I don’t target people, no matter how much they need it.  In my first church, I had a parishioner who I will call “Carol” (not her real name).  Carol was … Continue reading

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There Is Something about Hymns

A few weeks ago, we sang a hymn in church and I had the strangest feeling.  It brought back memories of a long time ago, when I was a child.  I don’t remember it when I was a baby or … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Most holidays fall into two categories:  Those honoring historical events or people (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, MLK Day) or religious events/people (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, even Mardi Gras [the day … Continue reading

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