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Harvey Smendelvitch and Eric Zorchbottom

For those of you who only know me as an adult, it may come as a surprise that early in my life I saw my self as “class clown”.  I thought I was hilarious, although that opinion may have only … Continue reading

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One God or Many?

This week I have been reading about Paul’s speech to the Athenians on Mars Hill.  I have been trying to imagine what it looked like in the first century.  Here was Paul, one man from Asia Minor, a Jew who … Continue reading

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The Day I Almost Burned My Grandmother’s House Down

During my first years in high school, my grandmother (my father’s mother and the only grandparent that was alive during most of my early life) lived in a small apartment in the upstairs back of a large house that was … Continue reading

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“Mistakes in the Bible”

In my second year of seminary, I became the youth pastor at Zion Covenant Church in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, about fifty miles from the Twin Cities.  It was a good church and I enjoyed working with the kids that year.  The … Continue reading

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