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Shots Fired

“Shots fired.”  Two words paralyzed a city this week.  While shots are fired almost on a daily basis in the Huntsville area, the location of this threat was different.  The 911 call came from Redstone Arsenal, the sprawling government reservation … Continue reading

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It’s a Different World Now

I was going to a Christian college when I got the question.  A friend who was doing a project was talking to me while I played music on the campus radio station.  She asked, “Why didn’t you try drugs when … Continue reading

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The Death of a Child

I have officiated at countless funerals over the years.  None is easy, but some are more difficult than others.  One of the most difficult situations involves children or young adults.  While we can adjust more easily to the death of … Continue reading

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In Memorium

Earlier this week the North Alabama Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church met here in Huntsville.  I attended every year from 1983 to 2011, the year I retired.  Since then, I have only sporadically attended and only for a … Continue reading

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How to Make your Preacher’s Day (2017)

Many of you may remember that I wrote this last year.  But it brought tears to my eyes as I reread it, and it may do the same for you.  So as summer comes and reruns are common on TV, … Continue reading

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