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Little Acts of Kindness

Out of the horror of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey in Texas, the good that has emerged has been the little (and some large) acts of kindness that have brought people help and hope and strength.  Hearing them has renewed my faith … Continue reading

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We Never Did It Like That Before

Sometimes, the way we have always done things is not the way we should do things now.  There is a story by Harry Emerson Fosdick, about a cultural crisis caused by new practices.  In the New Hebrides Islands, now known … Continue reading

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Eyes Like Jesus, 2017

In thinking about the events of recent days in Charlottesville, I found a souletosoul blog from a few years ago that addresses some of the basic issues.  What is needed is not confrontation but love.  The nonviolent movement of the … Continue reading

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Keeping Calm in the Age of Nuclear Weapons

I attended a small Baptist college in Minnesota.  Every weekday, Monday through Friday, the campus came to a standstill in the middle of the morning.  Classes ended.  The coffee shop closed.  The post office shut its doors.  The administrative offices … Continue reading

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Which Way are You Facing?

Several weeks ago, I wrote a brief summary of what happened to me one morning on my daily walk.  I want to revisit that event a little more in-depth. As many of you know, my dog Churchill and I walk … Continue reading

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