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World Communion, 2017

Sunday, October 1, is World Communion Sunday on many church calendars.  It is a reminder that the Body of Christ (the Church) is much bigger than our local assemblies, our denominations, our nationalities.  The Church is everyone who believes in Christ … Continue reading

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It is kind of interesting how one word can mean different things in different circumstances.  In a recent Facebook post I used the word “shots” while talking about pictures.  But one friend who saw it thought immediately about gunshots.  And … Continue reading

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Not Such Boy Scouts

I was a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout when I got older.  I had been in troops in Spokane and Vaughn, Washington, so when we moved to Winnebago, Minnesota, just before my freshman year in high school, my brother … Continue reading

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Be the Gospel

When ideas for this blog come to me, I write them down on a pad.  I use those words or phrases to help me put together my souletosoul blog.  Sometimes I write down phrases, and later have little to no idea … Continue reading

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