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Harvey Weinstein and Church Camp

All the talk of Harvey Weinstein and the #me too campaign has done a good job of focusing attention on a subject we would rather sweep under the carpet.  Several prominent Hollywood figures have said they had no idea it was … Continue reading

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Deborah and Barak

As many of you know, my wife Deborah died a week ago.  We had a wonderful time of remembrance on Monday.  A lot of good things about her life were brought to our thoughts.  But there were a few stories … Continue reading

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What About Natural Disasters?

2017 has had its share of troubles, especially in the Southeast United States, with disastrous hurricanes.  And the islands of the Caribbean have been devastated as well.  These may have prompted people to have real questions about God.  Several years … Continue reading

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Why Does God Allow Evil?

My computer is dead and I have ordered a new one, so I am having to rely on the kindness of friends for this.  After the awful events of Sunday in Las Vegas, we are forced to once more confront … Continue reading

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