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Independence Day, 2018

Since the Fourth of July occurs before my next blog, I will focus on that holiday this week.  Now if this piece sounds familiar, don’t worry.  As Peter Schickele says of the work of (the fictional) P. D. Q. Bach, … Continue reading

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Summer, 2018

This is being posted on the first official day of summer, although, for most of the United States, summer weather has been here for several weeks.  It got me thinking about summers long ago.  During my childhood, we moved around … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day this weekend, I thought I would edit and republish a previous blog that is appropriate. Remember Rachel Dolezal?  She was in the news several years ago.  She was the white woman in Spokane, Washington, who became president … Continue reading

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Chased Down

For those of you who did not know me in high school, it may come as a surprise that I did some really dumb things during that part of my life.  (I guess, if we are being honest, it was … Continue reading

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