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Lost (2018)

Time for a summer rerun.  This blog appeared first in 2013.  I think it deserves another opportunity. I am blessed with an innate sense of direction and I seldom get lost.  Even if I take a temporary wrong turn, I … Continue reading

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Happy as a Clam

There is an ad campaign airing now that uses several dated similes.  One of them asks the auto buyer if he is happy with the deal they are offering and he responds that he is “Happy as a clam.”  Only … Continue reading

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Singing in the Shower

Before I got started running three days a week with a running group, I used to exercise three days a week at the “wellness center” (gym).  Since I have been running regularly, I have not been as faithful about my … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle!  They found the boys soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand and they are all safe.  But is that really a miracle?  Or is it just good fortune or luck?  Or is it just chance? I … Continue reading

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