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The Rev. Dr. Edward A. Soule is now a retired United Methodist pastor who served 28 years as a minister in churches around the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church. Before that, he was in Christian radio for 10 years and was a Baptist minister for two years. Over the years, Ed has also been a teacher in public schools, a private school principal, and taught at a Bible college. He has a B.A. from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN; a M. Div. from Bethel Theological Seminary; and a D. Min. from United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH. Ed has been married to Deborah (Mendelson) for 32 years. She is the executive director of Partnership for a Drug Free Community. They currently reside in the Hampton Cove community of Huntsville, AL, where Ed enjoys walking with their dog, Churchill, daily and keeping up the landscaping. "Dr. Edward" is available to speak to churches and other groups, pulpit supply, and interim work in the north Alabama/southern Tennessee area. Contact through this blog or directly at

Eyes Like Jesus, 2017

In thinking about the events of recent days in Charlottesville, I found a souletosoul blog from a few years ago that addresses some of the basic issues.  What is needed is not confrontation but love.  The nonviolent movement of the … Continue reading

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Keeping Calm in the Age of Nuclear Weapons

I attended a small Baptist college in Minnesota.  Every weekday, Monday through Friday, the campus came to a standstill in the middle of the morning.  Classes ended.  The coffee shop closed.  The post office shut its doors.  The administrative offices … Continue reading

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Which Way are You Facing?

Several weeks ago, I wrote a brief summary of what happened to me one morning on my daily walk.  I want to revisit that event a little more in-depth. As many of you know, my dog Churchill and I walk … Continue reading

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Goose, Goose, Duck

As preschoolers, many of us played a similar game.  If you grew up in most of the country, it was known as “Duck, Duck, Goose”.  If you grew up in Minnesota, it was known as “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck”.  Same … Continue reading

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What Were You Doing During the “Summer of Love”?

What were you doing fifty years ago?  If you are younger than 55, you either were not alive or have no real memories of the time.  But a significant number of my readers were alive and remember that summer.  As … Continue reading

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Anyone Know Where I Can Get a Weekend Weather Person?

Many years ago, I was a full-time radio person in a local Christian station.  The salary was barely enough to pay the bills and I was looking for a way to make a few extra dollars.  I went to one … Continue reading

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Widening the Driveway, 2017

I like yard work in general, but there is one job I try to put off as much as possible.  Recently, the time came to do it again.   I refer to it as “widening the driveway”.  But I don’t … Continue reading

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Shots Fired

“Shots fired.”  Two words paralyzed a city this week.  While shots are fired almost on a daily basis in the Huntsville area, the location of this threat was different.  The 911 call came from Redstone Arsenal, the sprawling government reservation … Continue reading

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It’s a Different World Now

I was going to a Christian college when I got the question.  A friend who was doing a project was talking to me while I played music on the campus radio station.  She asked, “Why didn’t you try drugs when … Continue reading

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The Death of a Child

I have officiated at countless funerals over the years.  None is easy, but some are more difficult than others.  One of the most difficult situations involves children or young adults.  While we can adjust more easily to the death of … Continue reading

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