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Can I Please Use Your Bathroom?

One afternoon, Deborah and I were in the back of the house, watching TV.  We were startled by the sound of the doorbell.  The doorbell seldom rings, and most of the time we are expecting someone when it does.  Then … Continue reading

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Shots Fired

“Shots fired.”  Two words paralyzed a city this week.  While shots are fired almost on a daily basis in the Huntsville area, the location of this threat was different.  The 911 call came from Redstone Arsenal, the sprawling government reservation … Continue reading

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Danger, Danger

We live in a dangerous world.  You only have to watch an average newscast or pick up a newspaper to realize that is true.  But is it any more dangerous than previous years?  We look back at earlier generations and … Continue reading

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Facing Fear

Throughout most of my life I have lived with someone else.  Growing up in a family, I had parents and siblings.  Then in college roommates.  Finally as a married person I lived with my wife.  There was one period of … Continue reading

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The Preacher and (Almost) Bear

In the 1970’s there was a popular Southern gospel song called “The Preacher and the Bear”.  In the summer of 1974, I almost lived that song.  We had a very successful Vacation Bible School that year and one of the … Continue reading

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