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Things Are Seldom What They Seem

The title is a song from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical, HMS Pinafore, where the Captain is mulling over in his mind what is really going on aboard ship. About ten years ago, one of my churches gave me a variegated … Continue reading

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The Death of a Child

I have officiated at countless funerals over the years.  None is easy, but some are more difficult than others.  One of the most difficult situations involves children or young adults.  While we can adjust more easily to the death of … Continue reading

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When Being Alive is not Living

In 1983-85, I was the pastor of a small country church.  One regular attendee was a woman in her 70’s who would sometimes show up with another woman who looked like her sister.  It turned out it was her mother, … Continue reading

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Life and Death

With a title like that, you might expect me to deal with flood victims in Colorado or murder victims in Washington, DC.  But I am not going in that direction.  I dealt with natural and human tragedies in earlier blogs.  … Continue reading

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I Believe in Heaven

In our church, like thousands of others, we recite an affirmation of faith almost every Sunday.  That affirmation generally includes statements about God and the church and concludes with something about a life after death with God.  That coincides with … Continue reading

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