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Forty Years and Counting

It was forty years ago this week that I arrived in Huntsville, Alabama.  It was another memorable move. The U-Haul logo was “Adventures in Moving”.  If I had written an autobiography at that point in my life, that would have … Continue reading

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How Things Change

Two or three times a week on our morning walk Churchill and I pass a vacant lot a few blocks from our house.  It wasn’t a vacant lot a year ago.  Each time I pass it, I am reminded of … Continue reading

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When Being Alive is not Living

In 1983-85, I was the pastor of a small country church.  One regular attendee was a woman in her 70’s who would sometimes show up with another woman who looked like her sister.  It turned out it was her mother, … Continue reading

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Life and Death

With a title like that, you might expect me to deal with flood victims in Colorado or murder victims in Washington, DC.  But I am not going in that direction.  I dealt with natural and human tragedies in earlier blogs.  … Continue reading

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