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What Were You Doing During the “Summer of Love”?

What were you doing fifty years ago?  If you are younger than 55, you either were not alive or have no real memories of the time.  But a significant number of my readers were alive and remember that summer.  As … Continue reading

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Coming Home

As you read this, we are either on the way or already in Minnesota.  It is my first trip back in sixteen years and I am really looking forward to it.  I have lived in Alabama forty years now, but … Continue reading

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He Never Forgets

One ability that has been a characteristic of my life has been having a good memory.  But as I get older, my memory seems to fail me from time to time.  I can remember, word for word, my conversations with … Continue reading

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Misremembering sounds like one of those words invented by the kids in the comic strip “Family Circus”.  I don’t know if it is a real word, but my spellcheck does not recognize it.  However, it accurately describes something all of … Continue reading

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The Memory Box

In my attic, I have a box of memories.  It is not marked that way on the box, but that is what it is nonetheless.  The box says, “Christmas decorations”. When the grandchildren were younger, I would bring down the … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?  Many of us have had a multitude of Thanksgivings, and most of them blend into a hazy remembrance of family and feast.  As I have been reflecting this week on Thanksgivings past, two memories … Continue reading

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Isn’t it interesting how certain aromas/odors can trigger memories of other times and places? Many times when I am cutting my grass I get a whiff of the mowed grass that immediately brings me back to a summer day in … Continue reading

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