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It is kind of interesting how one word can mean different things in different circumstances.  In a recent Facebook post I used the word “shots” while talking about pictures.  But one friend who saw it thought immediately about gunshots.  And … Continue reading

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The Death of a Child

I have officiated at countless funerals over the years.  None is easy, but some are more difficult than others.  One of the most difficult situations involves children or young adults.  While we can adjust more easily to the death of … Continue reading

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All Things to All People?

Many years ago, I was working on an article for a media magazine called Broadcast Programming and Production. It was a secular trade magazine and I was working on an article about Christian broadcasting.  I interviewed program directors at stations … Continue reading

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With the recent focus on the effects of concussions, Deborah and I started talking about her experiences with concussion.  One happened early in our marriage.  She was in an auto accident and taken by ambulance to the hospital.  There was … Continue reading

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My Country Music Summer

I have always been music oriented, or at least since the late 1950’s.  I remember my introduction to rock and roll music when I was about 10.  We lived in the suburbs of Spokane, Washington, and I went next door … Continue reading

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